Document for OPTIONS syntax in /etc/make.conf, where to find?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Fri May 26 09:03:12 UTC 2017

> On 25 May 2017 at 19:47, Thomas Mueller <mueller6722 at> wrote:
> > The new synth has no mechanism for configuring options; I guess that would have to be done by
> > make config-recursive ,
> > possibly several times until there is nothing more left to configure, as I did when using portupgrade and later portmaster.
> >From synth(1) man page:
                       This is an optional, user-provided file. If it exists,
                       the builder's /etc/make.conf will be appended with the
                       contents of this file. For the default profile, the
                       file would normally be located at
> Cheers.

> Jonathan Chen <jonc at>

Thanks for the tip.

I already have read the man page because I git-cloned synth tree from github repository.

I want to keep the Ada code for viewing, among other things.

My first attempt to build synth was on FreeBSD-current amd64 and failed when the system rebooted itself when I was sleeping.  Apparently no filesystem damage.

System came up in System Rescue CD 5.0.0 USB-stick installation.

I attribute this to FreeBSD-current instability rather than synth or ports, meaning I must first rebuild FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE amd64 installation, and then from there, FreeBSD-current amd64.


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