py-backports.* conflict

Kubilay Kocak koobs at
Wed May 24 03:28:46 UTC 2017

On 5/24/17 6:47 AM, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> [ping]
> On 18/05/2017 15:40, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> After the update of devel/py-backports.functools_lru_cache to 1.4 it started to
>> conflict with devel/py-backports.shutil_get_terminal_size:
>> py27-backports.functools_lru_cache-1.4 [FreeBSD] conflicts with
>> py27-backports.shutil_get_terminal_size-1.0.0 [installed] on
>> /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/backports/
>> It would be very inconvenient if only a single of py-backports.* ports could be
>> installed at a time.
>> Is it possible to fix the problem?

These appear to be namespaced packages and all else being equal (bugs or
other causes aside), the only way I can think of is to have a
py-backports port, with subpackages for each py-backports.*, with
py-backports owning the (and other shared files, if any) and
each sub-module (package) depending on py-backports for the shared bits.

Having said that it could also be (at least partially) related to
namespace package fixes that are in an unreleased version of

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