ports recently marked broken on -current

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Wed May 24 00:13:35 UTC 2017

So during my pass over recent powerpc64 package errorlogs, I found
a few ports that were actually broken across all archs on -current,
and made those commits.

I may not have enough cycles to investigate all these down by myself,
so I'm asking for help.  Does anyone recognize any of these failure
modes, and if so, can recommend a fix?

I've grouped them together based on my analysis, which may not be
correct.  Note: error messages from gcc and clang are intermixed.



benchmarks/dbs          tcp_debug.h: field has incomplete type 'struct tcpcb'
security/revealrk       revealrk.c: 'struct xtcpcb' has no member named 'xt_socket'
security/pidentd        k_freebsd2.c: storage size of 'pcbp' isn't known

japanese/nethack34      stdlib.h: conflicting types for 'srandom'

net-mgmt/netdata        freebsd_sysctl.c: storage size of 'vmmeter_data' isn't known
sysutils/asmem          read_mem.c: invalid use of undefined type 'struct vmmeter'

net/lft                 lft_types.h: pcap-int.h: No such file or directory
security/dsniff         pcaputil.c: '/usr/include/pcap-int.h' file not found
sysutils/pftop          sf-gencode.h: pcap-int.h: No such file or directory

sysutils/scprotect      scprotect.c: 'sysctl__' undeclared (first use in this function)

www/cherokee            unable to detect data struct is used by crypt_r

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