situation with www/node6 and www/node

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Thu May 18 17:36:26 UTC 2017

> On 18 May, 2017, at 11:22, Joseph Mingrone <jrm at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am hitting an issue where the conflicting www/node6 and www/node
> packages are attempting to be installed together.  For example, the
> upcoming net-im/mastodon pulls in www/yarn (which depends on www/node6
> by default), and indirectly depends on devel/rubygem-execjs (which
> depends on www/node by default).
> It would be ideal if all ports depended on the same node version by
> default.  Looking at the current state of the ports tree, it would make
> sense for everything to depend on www/node since the only two ports
> depending on www/node6 by default are www/npm3 and www/yarn.  But, Luca
> makes the point that version 7 of node is not what upstream recommends.
> Could we come to a consensus here?

Why is yarn depending on node6? npm depends on node. Everything else that uses node depends on node. Yarn depending on node6 by default is ridiculous and should be changed.

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