Which wine do I need?

David Naylor dbn at freebsd.org
Sun May 14 19:10:41 UTC 2017


On Saturday, 13 May 2017 08:16:55 Thomas Mueller wrote:
> I see several different wine ports and would like to know which I need for
> amd64 and which I need for an i386 installation.
> I don't really want i386-wine as such, since I would install wine on i386
> and could then mount this partition at /compat/i386 to run from amd64,
> while retaining the ability to run from straight i386.

This is effectively what i386-wine does: it bundles the required 32-bit 
libraries from a i386 host/environment and packages them such that they can 
run on an amd64 machine.

> Am I correct that I would build wine (or wine-devel) on i386 and then
> install wine or wine-devel on amd64?

Correct, you should use the same port for both i386 and amd64, however if you 
are running Windows programs from /compat/i386 then there is no need to 
install wine on the amd64 host (unless you want to run 64-bit programs).  

> Am I better off doing this on FreeBSD 11-STABLE or on 12-HEAD?

Normally CURRENT doesn't cause issues with wine, however STABLE will more, 
well, more stable.  I wouldn't base the decision of CURRENT/STABLE on whats 
best for Wine.  We do, however, need more people to test CURRENT.  

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