Standard way to run test target in specific port

José G. Juanino jjuanino at
Sun May 14 10:37:50 UTC 2017

El domingo 14 de mayo a las 11:13:25 CEST, José G. Juanino escribió:
>Hello FreeBSD ports!
>I am porting a backup software (bup backup), and the upstream Makefile 
>has a "test" target. I find useful to make a port knob to allow run 
>such test (disabled by default). What is the best way to accomplish 
>that task? Is there any doc or "best practique" to watch for?
>I am thinking in write something like this:
>RUNTEST_DESC=   Run test suite # knob
>But it seems very contrived and ugly.
>You can find the full shar file in 219174 (with no test target  

Hi again, I will try to answer to myself ...

I have defined the "RUNTEST" knob in "OPTIONS_DEFINE" variable, and 


The last line enable the "do-test" target properly when the knob is set 
(see system Makefile)

But I do not know how to invoke automatically that target when user just 
run "make". Indeed I am thinking if really is a good idea to force the 
execution of "make test" by mean of the knob ... In some other ports I 
am seeing, this is enterelly optional. 


José G. Juanino

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