Ada and GNAT maintainership proposition

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Wed May 10 21:03:02 UTC 2017


> I'm afraid there isn't anybody, and that's why I'm asking here whether I
> can be that somebody.

If you submit PRs for upgrades of ada/gnat related ports,
and poke committers to 'test-build and commit them',
then yes, please maintain those ports.

Committers mostly do build-tests, and if you add run-test
targets to ports, that would be helpful, too.

> The problem is that Marino's shoes are difficult to fill. I'm basically
> applying for a position while I have no experience (I only compiled gcc
> three times in my life), no relevant skill (except reading C), and
> almost no time. The only thing preventing me from being the most
> ill-suited person for the role is that I care. Is it enough?


> I'm used to imposter's syndrome, but taking for example the recent thread
> that's already way beyond my league.

Ask questions, and maybe someone will help out.
That's how I do it, it works most of the time 8-}

> On top of that, I'm only running recent -RELEASE, I'm not sure I can
> find a box on which to run -CURRENT, and I don't hope having some
> -STABLE or older -RELEASE available. That limits quite a bit my testing
> capabilities.

If you send me PR numbers with patches, I can testbuild them
on those systems:

103      10.3-RELEASE         amd64
10i      10.3-RELEASE-p17     i386
11a      11.0-RELEASE-p1      amd64
11i      11.0-RELEASE-p1      i386
cur      12.0-CURRENT r315086 amd64

And with more CPU and braintime, I might get this back in shape:

arm6     12.0-CURRENT r306902 arm.armv6
p64      12.0-CURRENT r306902 powerpc.powerpc64

> So at this point, is there anybody to talk me out of trying to maintain
> gcc-aux and some of the Ada ports left behind?
> What is the procedure to ask for maintainership on these?

Submit a patch for the ports where you claim maintainer
by setting MAINTAINER=	<email>.

pi at            +49 171 3101372                         3 years to go !

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