ICU Portupdate faulty

Jos Chrispijn bsdports at
Fri May 5 16:37:55 UTC 2017

Op 5-5-2017 om 18:05 schreef Adam Weinberger:
>> On 5 May, 2017, at 9:48, mokhi <mokhi64 at> wrote:
>> Well, as I can see here < > an
>> older version of this port is vulnerable not current version.
>> Maybe by updating your tree your problem will be solved :-]
> Yes, this is the correct answer. After icu got patched, the VuXML entry was lowered to mark 58.2_2,1 as non-vulnerable. Jos, it sounds like your ports tree is after the icu update but before the VuXML modification. Update your ports tree to bring in the new VuXML file and you should be good.
Adam, perhaps I am missing the clue here:

- I had the correct updated version in my ports collection
- Updating the vulnerable installed icu version with that version should 
not provide the Vulnerability message as that version is updates with 
the correct version in my icu port.

In my case, Jim's suggestion to use "DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes" was 
the only way of getting my faulty icu version updated to the version 
that is in my port.

Kind of confused,

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