RPI2, www/firefox, error: "NEON support not enabled"

Mark Millard markmi at dsl-only.net
Fri May 5 16:30:43 UTC 2017

On 2017-May-5, at 8:13 AM, bob prohaska <fbsd at www.zefox.net> wrote:

> In trying to compile www/firefox on RPI2 running -current the build now stops
> with
> error: "NEON support not enabled"
> The port at www/neon is compiled and installed.

Wrong neon.

> Thanks for reading, any guidance appreciated.

https://developer.arm.com/technologies/neon says:

ARM NEON technology is an advanced SIMD (single instruction multiple data)
architecture extension for the ARM Cortex-A series and Cortex-R52 processors.
NEON technology was introduced to the ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R profiles. It is
also now an extension to the ARMv8-A and ARMv8-R profiles.

So here NEON is a subset of the instruction set.
Its purpose is (again quoting that page):

NEON technology is intended to improve the multimedia user experience by
accelerating audio and video encoding/decoding, user interface, 2D/3D
graphics or gaming. NEON can also accelerate signal processing algorithms
and functions to speed up applications such as audio and video processing,
voice and facial recognition, computer vision and deep learning.

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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