PostgreSQL related NEW PORTS need committers

Jov amutu at
Fri Jun 30 03:40:39 UTC 2017

Hi hackers,
 I ported some PostgreSQL related tools/extensions to FreeBSD several weeks
ago,the PR links are as follows. All of them passed portlint and tested
by poudriere testport. Review, comment,test or commit all are welcome,I
really hope some of them can be committed before Q3 quarterly branch
cut.Thanks very much!

pgloader3, Replace of pgloader2 as pgloader2 is not maintained:

postgres-xl,Scalable open source PostgreSQL-based database cluster:

orafce, Oracle's compatibility functions and packages for PostgreSQL:

zhparser,PostgreSQL extension for full-text search of Chinese:

tds_fdw, PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper to connect to MS SQLserver and

pg_repack, Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal
locks.Replace of pg_reorg as it is not maintained:

plpgsql_check, PostgreSQL extension to check PL/pgSQL code:

pgformatter,PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier:

ip4r(not new port,update to 2.2):


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