[SAMBA] and file content caching

abi abi at abinet.ru
Fri Jun 23 08:56:54 UTC 2017


I need to organize file exchange between between daemon and windows 
program. Daemon is sitting in jail, windows - in bhyve, both on the same 
host. Daemon is writing lines into file, windows program reads them.

The obvious choose was to install samba46 into jail and provide share to 
windows. I opened 445 port, so I suppose I use SMB2. However, looks like 
file contents are cached on windows site.

After line inserted on FreeBSD side I see outdated file in windows for 
quite amount of time. (maybe, it's minute!). Is this due to inotify not 
available on FreeBSD ?

I found this article and set setting to 0, but they are not affecting 
the issue https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff686200(v=ws.10).aspx

I ticked FAM option for samba, can it be bug into it ?

Suggestions are welcome. I never expected that I'd hit issue in so 
simple task, it's so frustrating =/

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