[RFC] Why FreeBSD ports should have branches by OS version

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Thu Jun 22 16:34:20 UTC 2017

[Default] On Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:16:44 +0200, Baptiste Daroussin
<bapt at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

>The model with one branch per release will bring it to way more with a
>maintenance window way larger 

It would indeed!  Factor of 3, I think.  

But I'm really not suggesting that, I'm suggesting that a better
schedule would be one ports release for v10, one for v11, one for
v12, etc.   It could be done for n.0 or any of the others.  Were
it my decision, I'd probably go for n.1, since there might be
fewer bugs than in n.0, but the difference might not be

My problem is that my industry experience tells me that reducing
the frequency of port releases is practically *guaranteed* to be
a Really Good Thing for everyone.  Yet apparently you and others
on the dev team don't like the idea, and no matter how I much I
think about it, I haven't been able to understand why you don't.

's mise le meas

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