[RFC] Why FreeBSD ports should have branches by OS version

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Thu Jun 22 16:18:10 UTC 2017

[Default] On Fri, 23 Jun 2017 00:01:45 +0800, Julian Elischer
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>I've had this conversation with ports several times, But the requirements
>of  'business' is not their interest.  In fact i was told several times,
>"Don't use our quarterly packages, make your own with poudriere".
>(which makes one wonder "What is the purpose of he quarterlies?)


I can't help feeling that there's something very wrong when
people for whom the system is a tool rather than a plaything have
to work around the choices made by the "official" developers.
Besides your question, I'd add:  for whom are the developers
developing, if not for those who want a useful tool rather than a

's mise le meas

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