pkg convert?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Mon Jun 19 00:04:48 UTC 2017

Looking through the man page for pkg, I see there is still an entry for convert ("pkg help convert" or "man pkg-convert").

     pkg convert is used to convert from/to pkg(8) local database to legacy
     pkg_install tools format.

     The following options are supported by pkg convert:

     -d pkg_dbdir, --pkg-dbdir pkg_dbdir
             The location of the pkg_add(1) dbdir.  Defaults to /var/db/pkg.

     -n, --dry-run
             Dry-run mode.  Do not actually convert anything.  Just show what
             would be done.

What is this?  Looks obsolete to me, I thought the legacy pkg_install tools format was long gone with no going back.

I tried this with -n (dry-run) just for curiosity, and naturally it didn't work:

I got

pkg: Unable to open plist file: /var/db/pkg/texlive-texmf-20150523_3/+CONTENTS
Skipping invalid package: /var/db/pkg/texlive-texmf-20150523_3

and many more like that.

If this legacy functionality is long gone, why is it still in the man page or "pkg help convert"? 

I saw it as recently as 11.1-PRERELEASE.


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