ERRATA: 12.0-CURRENT binaries 'stat' errors.

Jeffrey Bouquet jbtakk at
Wed Jun 14 12:21:41 UTC 2017

/usr/local/bin/ne: Undefined symbol "stat"
ktrace -di ne
/usr/local/bin/ne: Undefined symbol "stat"

I may have posted in error an 'fstat' instead, unsure, to the ports list just yesterday or so.
A workaround is to use to attain compat11x binaries which run.
This is a showstopper here otherwise as some large ports, do not build on the
legacy desktop [ 2004 ] that has been updated numerous times, and for which
I do not wish to reinstall.

And, pkg gives conflicting messages, as pkg binaries are shown ABI v12 whereas if I
do build from ports, the ports are shown as v11 ABI. 
Also, ABI changed: 'freebsd:12:x86:32' > 'freebsd:12:*'   upgrades are requested making
  things so I have to lock many ports at v11 as the newer have the 'stat' or 'fstat' error.

  So more than one issue, I think maybe three in tandem making 'which to tackle first'
even problematic.

  Any advices?  even a binary editor to examine the /ne for 'stat' code ? 

  Apologies for not being knowledgeable in many of the ways to code a solution or even

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