How to stop ports recompiling gcc, llvm, etc.?

Rastko P lylecorman at
Tue Jun 13 15:46:20 UTC 2017

Hi Eugene,

I have a fresh 11-RELEASE dist. I am 'bootstrapping' the environment.

I am in the process of building mail/thunderbird-52.1.1, because the
binary doesn't have support for Lightning calendar extension.

Yesterday, a documentation port build pulled in a lot of dependencies,
including GCC, LLVM, and a lot of others. 6+ hours of compile-time.

After it finished I immediately issued a 'df' cmd, and lo-and-behold,
not more than 1GB was taken by the build process. Now that you've
mentioned it, pkg says GCC or LLVM are not to be found installed. I am
missing something huge here.


On 13.06.2017 17:33, Eugene Grosbein wrote:
> 13.06.2017 22:25, Rastko P пишет:
>> I have some experience with FreeBSD. I don't mind building ports. You
>> know sometimes it's necessary (most FreeBSD software is ported, and
>> needs to be configured)
>> But I cannot find in the documentation how to prevent a port
>> re-compiling different versions of GCC or other such monsters, when I
>> already compiled them.
> Port build process won't rebuild a compiler if it is already built and installed.
> You'll get no definite answer until you supply details such as port you need in first place
> and at least the beginning of its building log.

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