poudriere cross building to arm64.aarch64: Don't know how to make native-xtools

Bryan Drewery bdrewery at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jun 10 20:14:46 UTC 2017

On 6/10/17 1:14 PM, Marcin Cieslak wrote:
> When running poudriere 3.1.17_1 on FreeBSD 11.1-PRERELEASE r319534 on amd64:
> poudriere jail -c -j ksh-test-aarch64 -m svn -x -v stable/11 -a arm64.aarch64
> I am getting an error that "make native-xtools" does not seem to be a failed target.
> Unfortunately, I cannot see the state of the filesystem when it fails, because
> zfs dataset gets removed on failure.
> Any ideas where to look?
> Marcin

It is trying to run 'make native-xtools' in your *host* /usr/src.  You
need a source checkout matching your current system there and having
already done a 'make buildworld' for it.

This is a bug in the native-xtools build that poudriere is working
around until it is fixed.

Bryan Drewery

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