bapt@ back on portmgr

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Sat Jun 10 06:49:04 UTC 2017

from Matthew Seaman and my previous post:

> > But what is happening with synth, supposed to make portupgrade and
> > portmaster obsolete?
> Synth is still being actively developed but the author is now working
> primarily on DFly.  There is a new maintainer for the synth port who
> will be porting the latest updates to FreeBSD, much like almost any
> other piece of software in the ports.

> At the moment there is a problem with synth on recent FreeBSD HEAD due
> to not having a working ada compiler.  This will be solved eventually as
> the bugs in various toolchains get worked out.

My understanding is that the trouble is related to the change to 64-bit inodes on FreeBSD HEAD.

lang/gcc5-aux and gcc6-aux won't build.

How are users supposed to know if and when this is fixed?

I looked in Makefile for ports-mgmt/synth and lang/gcc6-aux and gcc5-aux, and there was no indication of anything amiss.

There ought to be a BROKEN notice in the Makefile to save users from the exercise in frustration.

For now, I am not doing anything on FreeBSD HEAD; updating 11.1-PRERELEASE (stable branch) instead.


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