offering take-over MAINTAINER of some ports

Matthias Apitz guru at
Fri Jun 9 18:01:54 UTC 2017


I'm a long time FreeBSD user, since 2.2.5 in the 1990, and nowadays run
my own poudriere oven to compile from head for amd64 the ports I do need on
my own laptops and netbooks, and of some colleague for which I do binary
support of system and ports.

I'm already maintaining print/muttprint since some time.

I checked the list of my poudriere oven and some of them (only counting
the list I do present to poudriere as input and not its dependencies)
have as MAINTAINER set ports@ which means that they are perhaps unmaintained. 

In short, I could take over some of them from this short list:

*/usr/ports/net/gnetcat/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at
*/usr/ports/net/netcat/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at
*/usr/ports/net/rdesktop/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at
*/usr/ports/net/smbldap-tools/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at
*/usr/ports/net/yaz/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at
*/usr/ports/print/cups-pdf/Makefile:MAINTAINER=	ports at

because I do depend on them on my workstation in business. Maybe not all
of them at once, but step by step.

Any comments or someone who is maintaining the above ports without being
visible as MAINTAINER?


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