Questions about order of adding application to freebsd ports.

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Fri Jun 9 08:20:15 UTC 2017


> > > Submit patches via for the two ports, and
> > > the maintainers will decide if they include them.  
> > 
> > Btw, have you submitted the patches to those perl modules upstream as well ?

> First, I sent to perl modules authors/editors from CPAN. Two or more times, to
> different addresses. In response there was silence. =(

There's a bugtracker in the perl community:

It helps if you submit the patches using that bugtracker. If
you submitted them along that way, you can refer to that perl bugtracker
in the freebsd bugtracker 8-), so dass the freebsd port maintainer knows
that the upstreaming is @work.

> Or I misunderstood "perl modules upstream"?

No, you're hitting the nail!

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