Questions about order of adding application to freebsd ports.

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Fri Jun 9 07:29:02 UTC 2017


> I ask for little advice.
> I wrote web manager X.509 certificates and created a freebsd port for it.
> 1. Who could check quality and security of this code?

The committer would check the port quality etc.

Security would be the task of 'the many eyes of open source'. I think
there's no other, realistic way to get a code review.

> 2. If quality the code is sufficient to be included in freebsd ports, then:
> For the port it is necessary patches for two perl-ports ("good patches, yes" =),
> what is the order of my actions?

Submit patches via for the two ports, and
the maintainers will decide if they include them.

Submit a shar file for the new port, also via

Post the PR numbers as a followup to this mail 8-)

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