PHP-Ports: Help improving QA

Torsten Zuehlsdorff tz at
Thu Jun 8 08:26:39 UTC 2017


as PHP-maintainer i first want to thank all for the great feedback and 
patches send on various ways. You keep my live interesting :)

In the last months i learned a lot about various configurations, 
settings and bugs. Also - sadly - there are always PRs, patches and 
emails left, because of missing time on my side.

I want to improve the situation by adding more automatic QA. I'm 
planning this at least for PHP, GitLab and the portmaster-rewrite.

So how can you help? Please send me your non-standard PHP-configuration 
or exotic setups! This can be changed default versions like libressl 
instead of openssl or another GCC version used for compiling. I for 
example use always another PostgreSQL-version than default (and always 
PHP 7.1). Of course this also covers options set in an non-default way 
or setups change variables to allow multiple PHP-installations for example.
There is no need to add the used FreeBSD version since i want to cover 
all supported versions. Its another point if you use an unsupported one 
- in this case you should mention it. ;)

Since PHP 7.2 is coming (hopefully on schedule) i will test creation of 
PHP 7.2 with all given setups.

If you want to support my projects or other committers have a look at my 
patreon page:

I'm currently collecting money for a new test-server to allow testing on 
CURRENT. If you have some free capacity and some trust feel free to 
contact me. ;)

Thanks again and Greetings,

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