Configuring options/knobs without `make config`

Morse, Richard E.,MGH REMORSE at
Mon Jul 31 19:51:57 UTC 2017

Hi! I used to use portconf on the machine this is going to be replacing, but it seemed like there were changes to the way the port system worked between 8.4 and 11, and I couldn’t find anything that documented how to properly set up portconf for the new “options” stuff, in place of the old “WITH/WITHOUT” stuff. Can you recommend somewhere I can find that out?


> On Jul 27, 2017, at 8:18 PM, Dewayne Geraghty <dewayne.geraghty at> wrote:
> Richard,
> I'm unsure of how you're planning on using the information, perhaps
> these suggestions may help:
> To examine what options are available, chosen or rejected (note: the
> value of CATEGORY and PORT must be in lowercase):
> If you're after consistency, then I would suggest that you use
> /etc/make.conf to ascribe the options that you want for each of the ports.
> For example, using mail/dovecot2:
> mail_dovecot2_SET=LZ4 KQUEUE SSL
> mail_dovecot2_UNSET=BDB PGSQL
> I'll reiterate that I don't interactively set port options on anything,
> so no "make config".  I use a tool called ports-mgmt/portconf to manage
> my ports. I can't recommend the tool as I do some preprocessing to align
> with port devs requirements, currently
> if in /etc/make.conf or on the command line by
> Enjoy.
> Dewayne

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