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Mon Jul 31 14:52:33 UTC 2017

The most common question or request we get in our email mailbox is " How can i get the ticker before anybody else ?" ,
Before the rest of the stock alert subscribers !

I always give you a ticker before the rest of the world knows about it , but you guys still wait to jump on it.

Isn't this the reason you subscribe in the first place ! so you can know which public company is gonna move up before it actually does.

I alerted LKMNF this week . I said ( you guys can go read my previous emails) that they gonna start drilling and exploiting gold in beginning of august.
I also said , a very reliable source informed us that there is big news alerts gonna be made public this week .

WeLL here is the news in case you didnt read it  :

""""""Lucky Minerals Inc.(OTCQB: LKMNF)  has received approval from Montana 
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to conduct drilling exploration on its wholly-owned Julian Claim Block 
located within the Company's Emigrant Creek Project in Montana.
Montana DEQ released a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and approved an exploration license on
July 26, 2017 for the Company's proposed mineral exploration project 12 miles southeast of Emigrant in a historic mining district."""""

Let me remind you something LKMNF is a minimg company . It is not a technology company , it is not a chain of restaurants ...That means the price can skyrocket over night

They are gonna drill for gold in a week . They just made news public that they got the permit to start.
In 2 weeks they gonna have hundreds of million worth of gold in their possession.
For a new mining company that is now trading at $0.13 that means when this driling is over and their results are made public...
This cheap ticker is gonna explode it will go over the 1$ mark , just like every other public company in it's field.

So i come back to what i said in the beginning .
If you always emailing me to get the inside scoop before it happens, well what are you waiting for ? 
You need to snatch all the shares available tomorrow 9:30 am . The float is very tight, not much shares available out there . 

Do not lose this opportunity.
Trade volume increased the last couple trading days. That  means word is being spread about this company and it is drawing interest from savvy investors 

Get as much shares as you can tomorrow , before more news about drilling results becomes public in a couple of days.

Senior market analyst,
Harold Gayn

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