GNU Makefile to FreeBSD Makefile

blubee blubeeme gurenchan at
Mon Jul 31 10:00:47 UTC 2017

Hey guys

I am trying to port some software to FreeBSD it uses GNU Makefile
convention that uses these variables all over the place.

I understand what they mean

all: library.cpp main.cpp

   - $@ evaluates to all
   - $< evaluates to library.cpp
   - $^ evaluates to library.cpp main.cpp

The question is, how do I remove those to just use the proper filenames?
They are in the, here's an example line.

src=`echo $< | sed 's,^.*/,,; s,\.dat$$,,'`; \
 dst=`echo $@ | sed 's,^.*/,,; s,\.dat$$,,'`; \

Does anyone have experience with this that can give me some guidance on


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