Pkg does not upgrade if more than one repository is defined

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Fri Jul 28 09:40:39 UTC 2017

Matthias Fechner wrote on 2017/07/28 10:55:
> Dear all,
> I have a problem with pkg and I'm not sure if it is a bug in pkg or a
> configuration issue.
> I work on new version on ports which are in a separate poudriere
> repository (to be able to easily test it).
> I have now two configuration files in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos,
> poudriere.conf:
> poudriere: {
>      url: "",
>      mirror_type: "pkg+http",
>      signature_type: "pubkey",
>      pubkey: "/usr/local/etc/ssl/certs/pkg.cert",
>      enabled: yes,
>      priority: 1
> }
> this is the standard repo which contains all stable packages.
> Now I have a new version (in this case for gitlab) at gitlab.conf:
> gitlab: {
>      url: "",
>      mirror_type: "pkg+http",
>      signature_type: "pubkey",
>      pubkey: "/usr/local/etc/ssl/certs/pkg.cert",
>      enabled: yes,
>      priority: 10
> }
> The priority is higher and some package there have a higher version number.
> But if I execute now 'pkg upgrade' pkg does not upgrade packages which
> have a higher version from the gitlab repository, but stick to the
> poudriere repository.
> I also tried to do a 'pkg update -f; pkg upgrade' but it does not help.
> Is there something wrong with my configuration or is this a bug in pkg?

If I understand you correctly, you have package A-1.0 installed from 
repo "poudriere" and now you have package A-1.1 in repo "gitlab" and you 
want to upgrade this package "A" to version 1.1.
Is it right?

I think that crossrepo upgrade is not automatic if package is in both 
repositories but it work if package is missing from previous repo and it 
it intentional.
I have more repositories too (different PHP version, different python 
versions but common utilities etc.) so packages are not unintentionally 
upgraded / downgraded.

But if you want to upgrade package A from different repo, you can choose 
the repo:

-r reponame, --repository reponame
       Install packages from only the named repository, irrespective
       of the configured ``active'' status from repo.conf.

You can try
    pkg install -r gitlab -f A

    pkg upgrade -r gitlab -f A

where A is you package(s) name.

Miroslav Lachman

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