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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Jul 18 15:22:34 UTC 2017

On 07/18/17 15:11, Athanasios Douitsis wrote:
> Indeed, so instead of constructing the .shar, it is customary for the
> maintainer to point the ports committer to the repo. Excellent.
> Many many thanks, that helps a lot.
Uh... the way this generally works is:

To create a brand new port, raise a PR and attach a .shar file to it.
It is also permissible nowadays to send in a diff.

To update an existing port to a new version, raise a PR and attach a
diff to it.  For updating an existing port, it's always a diff.

The best way to generate a diff is to check the ports tree out of SVN,
then edit the port in question in-place without trying to commit any
changes -- remember to 'svn add file' or 'svn rm file' if you're adding
or removing entire files.  Then you can generate the diff easily by 'svn

Fo routine maintenance of a simple port of something from GitHub, it is
usually a matter of updating PORTVERSION, running 'make makesum' to pull
down the new distfile and update distinfo, then running some test builds
and fixing up any local patches (if needed) or updating the pkg-plist
(again, only if needed).



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