How to get pkg to recognize local repository?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Tue Jul 18 02:33:26 UTC 2017

from Franco Fichtner:

# pkg repo /mnt/usr/packages

Would that put meta.txz and other stuff in /usr/packages ?

I could do that either by nfs (with /mnt) or directly on that computer (without /mnt).

But I have all the old stuff I no longer want, would not run because of shared libraries out of sync: 223 packages I didn't show.  How to delete? 

Or more generally, how to delete old packages in /usr/packages/All in a reasonable time?  Midnight Commander, which I recently installed on NetBSD but have not yet used?

> 17.07.2017 08:10, Thomas Mueller пишет:

> > How do I get pkg to recognize a local repository

> It is documented at PKG-REPOSITORY(5) .  [1]

> > What is the proper URL or format for a file name/directory?  Is it necessary to precede with URL: or what do I have to do to make it look like a repository?

> It is mentioned at [1]: the scheme is documented at FETCH(3) .


> WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)

This looks like it might help, but PKG-REPOSITORY and FETCH have to be lower-case, won't work with capital letters.

Excerpt from Adam Weinberger:

> myfirstrepo: {
>         url: file:///path/to/first/repo,
>         priority: 99
> },
> mysecondrepo: {
>         url: file:///path/to/second/repo,
>         priority: 98
> }

I suppose priority 99 would take priority over priority 98?

In normal English usage, first priority or priority one is higher than priority two.

Do you need the comma after the closing brace after myfirstrepo?

I suppose myfirst repo and mysecondrepo are both in the same .conf file?


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