CMAKE_AUTOMOC doesn't work

Yuri yuri at
Mon Jul 17 21:31:33 UTC 2017

On 07/17/2017 14:21, Jan Beich wrote:
> Can you show the error log? IIRC, CMake cannot build Qt-based projects
> without QMake installed and automoc isn't invoked for Qt5.
> I maintain a few Qt5 ports that build via USES=cmake. For one,
> citra-qt5, ppsspp-qt5, rpcs3 have set(CMAKE_AUTOMOC ON).

Adding USE_QT5+=qmake_build doesn't help.

It doesn't |print "||Automatic moc for target". It doesn't call 'moc', 
in the end link fails with undefined symbols corresponding to Qt5 
signals. Files moc_*.* are missing.



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