Firefox/GTK3 issue and reinstalling dependent ports

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Jul 16 12:45:08 UTC 2017


> This is a re-post from FreeBSD forum
> Firefox on my computer expresses a weird UI issue where many controls 
> are rendered without their borders. For example, radios or checkboxes 
> can be selected but are invisible, since they have no border.

I've seen the behaviour -- thanks for explaining what happens!

> I am using poudriere and wanted to track down which repository/option is 
> responsible for this issue. I created a new repository where I compiled 
> Firefox with all its dependencies with default options. But I don't know 
> how to reinstall Firefox with all its dependencies?
> I tried:
> pkg install -r firefox-test -R -f www/firefox
> pkg upgrade -r firefox-test -f www/firefox
> Both of them reinstall only the Firefox package. There is 241 
> dependencies when building Firefox with default options so it's kind of 
> difficult to reinstall all of them manually. How do I force to also 
> reinstall dependencies?

I know no way to do this which is not 'radical':

pkg clean -a

removes the cache. Then remove all packages (pkg delete -a) and
re-install firefox with

pkg install firefox

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