Firefox/GTK3 issue and reinstalling dependent ports

Grzegorz Junka list1 at
Sun Jul 16 12:36:12 UTC 2017

This is a re-post from FreeBSD forum

Firefox on my computer expresses a weird UI issue where many controls 
are rendered without their borders. For example, radios or checkboxes 
can be selected but are invisible, since they have no border. Also 
selecting text doesn't highlight the selected part of the text. I can 
select and copy the selection even if the selection is invisible.

This was also happening with other applications that are using GTK3. 
Since I observed this issue I switched most of them back to GTK2 and the 
issue is gone, however the option to use GTK2 instead of GTK3 is not 
available in all of them, i.e. in gMTP and Firefox among others.

I am using poudriere and wanted to track down which repository/option is 
responsible for this issue. I created a new repository where I compiled 
Firefox with all its dependencies with default options. But I don't know 
how to reinstall Firefox with all its dependencies?

I tried:

pkg install -r firefox-test -R -f www/firefox
pkg upgrade -r firefox-test -f www/firefox

Both of them reinstall only the Firefox package. There is 241 
dependencies when building Firefox with default options so it's kind of 
difficult to reinstall all of them manually. How do I force to also 
reinstall dependencies?


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