devel/gcc-arm-embedded fails package validation with synth

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Sat Jul 15 05:54:38 UTC 2017


The devel/gcc-arm-embedded is failing in the package validation phase
when built with synth. The build-phase completes, but when synth
attempts to validate the package dependancies it fails:

The task is complete.  Final tally:
Initial queue size: 1
    packages built: 1
           ignored: 0
           skipped: 0
            failed: 0

Duration: 01:56:14
The build logs can be found at: /var/log/synth
Stand by, recursively scanning 1 port serially.
Scanning existing packages.
gcc-arm-embedded-6.3.20170628.txz failed dependency check.

In particular, the LIB_DEPENDS entry "" is
causing the confusion. On my 11-STABLE/amd64 host, this is included in
the base system (/usr/lib/; but since it is listed in
LIB_DEPENDS, synth gets confused as to why the package dependancies
haven't been built. Is the entry required for supported
FreeBSD systems?

Jonathan Chen <jonc at>

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