Update failure E000022 after upgrade to subversion 1.9.6

Stefan Esser se at freebsd.org
Wed Jul 12 11:12:31 UTC 2017

Am 12.07.17 um 07:42 schrieb Rainer Hurling:
> Hi duglas@
> I had the same problem. I completely solved it by rebuilding the
> dependency chain of devel/subversion:
> portmaster serf-1.3.9_1 expat-2.2.1 gettext-runtime-
> apr- sqlite3-3.19.3_1 subversion-1.9.6
> Probably, only one of them is the culprit, but I haven't testet ;)

I have, and it appears to have been devel/apr1 ...

After rebuilding first apr and then subversion, the problem is resolved
on my system.

The cause seems to have been the ino64 change, which is visible from the
userland. Library versioning should take care of that, but that does not
work, if subversion wants the new version and apr needs the old one ...

Other ports could be affected as well, if they link against a library
that needs an old version of a C library function, while the binary was
built for the new call signature.

As long as ports are built with or without the ino64 change, they should
continue to work (and thus, -STABLE packages are not affected).

Regards, STefan

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