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Mon Jul 10 12:31:18 UTC 2017

My name is Elyma Muhan, the only daughter to late  Mr. & Mrs. Jokolo Muhan. I'm the only child of my parents, my father was  killed by his  brother's due to his wealth and they poisoned my mother, due to she  was fighting for her rightful position in the family. Now i  run away from the family with the only document my mother gave to me when she was alive, for safe keeping. In this document cover the  money my father deposited in his bank 6,800,000.00 million US dollars. With the trust and good heart you have to invest this money in a good business.
 I will like you to write me back on directives on how the money can be transferred to your bank account and also plan on how i can further my education, which is so important to me. I will be wait to read your message.
Elyma Muhan

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