sysutils/tmux - strange behaviour with new version 2.4 / 2.5

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Mon Jul 3 12:50:42 UTC 2017

Mathieu Arnold wrote on 2017/07/03 13:38:
> Le 02/07/2017 à 21:06, Adam Weinberger a écrit :
>>> On 26 Jun, 2017, at 7:54, Miroslav Lachman <000.fbsd at> wrote:
>>> Vanilla Hsu wrote on 2017/05/16 01:37:
>>>> I got the same problem too, but after update to 2.5-rc2, all issues gone.
>>>> maybe you can try to update to 2.5-rc2 (2.5 not yet released) by yourself.
>>> Opening this again. I downgraded to 2.3 in the meantime but I had a hope that 2.5 will be fine - it is not. Event final 2.5 exhibits the same symptoms as 2.4 on my machines and doesn't show innocent lines of text file.
>>> Does 2.5 work for you or anybody else without issues? What is you tmux.conf? (I tried it with empty but still have this problem)
>> I encountered the same problem, and it disappeared after I exported:
>> TERM=xterm-256color
>> LANG=en_US.UTF-8
>> In particular, make sure that LANG specifies UTF-8.
> Mmmm, yes, upstream removed non UTF-8 support a version or to ago. So,
> you have to use UTF-8 everywhere you use tmux.

I talked to tmux developer. He confirms the changes but stated:

" You can't rely on the terminal scrollback to be complete when running 
in full terminal applications like tmux. Use tmux copy mode instead."

So I am stuck on versi 2.3 forever - I need "old" scrolling for my 
workflow very often.

Miroslav Lachman

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