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Ben Woods woodsb02 at
Wed Feb 22 23:01:08 UTC 2017

On Wed, 22 Feb 2017 at 6:52 pm, Danilo G. Baio (dbaio) <dbaio at>

> Hi.
> I am working on a new port for gitsome[1] which depends on python:3.4-3.5.
> But it will fail on FreeBSD poudriere (building infrastructure) because
> some
> of its dependencies (at least 17) won't be build with python 3.
> What is the advice here ? Submit for each dependency [2] a py3-\* slave
> port ?
> Regards.
> [1] -
> [2]
> textproc/py-pygments
> textproc/py-pystemmer
> textproc/py-alabaster
> textproc/py-snowballstemmer
> devel/py-six
> textproc/py-docutils
> devel/py-wcwidth
> graphics/py-imagesize
> textproc/py-sphinx_rtd_theme
> devel/py-colorama
> textproc/py-feedparser
> devel/py-docopt
> devel/py-ply
> textproc/py-sphinx
> net/py-uritemplate
> devel/py-prompt_toolkit
> textproc/py-numpydoc
> --
> Danilo G. Baio (dbaio)
Hi Danilo,

Apologies in the delay in getting back to you.

Yes, at the moment that is the only way to get a port working which depends
on multiple python3 ports.

Bapt is working on bringing "flavours" to the ports tree, which will allow
each python port to be built multiple times with python2 and python3,
therefore satisfying your dependencies.

However, it is probably not have in the next week or so, so you should go
ahead and make the py3- versions of those ports. It is easy to find and
revert them once flavours exist anyway :)

Before we commit all of those new py3- ports, please make sure you have
tested that it all successfully builds to provide a working gitsome.... we
don't want to commit them and find out they were not needed after all :)


From: Benjamin Woods
woodsb02 at

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