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Tue Feb 21 05:47:23 UTC 2017

On Tue, 21 Feb 2017, Dewayne Geraghty wrote:

> For those interested in synth but skittish:
> 1. install synth; read the manual
> 2. synth configure
> which places the synth.ini file in /usr/local/etc/synth
> and for testing purposes try
> 3. synth just-build $category/$portname;
> Example: synth just-build devel/check devel/libevent ftp/curl
> 4. Examine your logs in /var/log/synth
> Particularly 00_last_results.log and 02_failure_list.log
> 5. Examine your new packages in /var/synth/live_packages/All
> Gotchas: if you have complex make.conf file that pulls in other files, you
> will need to concatenate them into the one make.conf.

  You'll need to use /etc/LiveSystem-make.conf which synth uses INSTEAD of
  /etc/make.conf, assuming you use the default profile. This threw me for a
  loop, hope to save new synth users some time and hair pulling.

  The man page is a bit vague on where the "builder's /etc/make.conf" is
  sourced -- from within the jail or the base system?

     "This is an optional, user-provided file. If it exists, the builder's
      /etc/make.conf will be appended with the contents of this file.  For
      the default profile, the file would normally be located at

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