Fwd: 2017-02-18 Update to Qt 4 and Qt 5

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at burggraben.net
Sun Feb 19 14:52:46 UTC 2017

## Robert Burmeister (Robert.Burmeister at UToledo.edu):

> Could we have portupgrade instructions?

Short: it's a little messy. Other methods... could be more suitable for
this operation.
How do I know that? Well, I did it, with portupgrade.
The problem here is that the new versions of the qt4-ports depend
on the qtchooser port which will replace some of the binaries of the
old qt4-* port. As portupgrade wants to build the new version (and
install the dependencies of the new version during the build) before
it uninstalls the old version and installs the new one, we get a
conflict between the old qt4-* port and qtchooser.
To get around that, I made a list of all the qt4-* ports installed on
this system, "pkg delete -f"ed them and reinstalled them one by one
from the new port version. I'd recommend using pkg_libchk after that
exercise, as there might be some missing bits (there had been here,
but that also might've been for the age of this installation, it
exists since 10-BETAsomething).
Once you got QT4 sorted out, portupgrade should be able to upgrade
the qt5-* ports as usual.


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