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Peter Jeremy peter at
Fri Feb 17 23:39:53 UTC 2017

On 2017-Feb-17 19:03:31 +0100, Luca Pizzamiglio <luca.pizzamiglio at> wrote:
>* dropping privileges is really a nice feature to add. The portstree
>allow you to build everything as normal user, so portmaster can be
>able to do it as well.

I use portmaster as a normal user without problems so I'm not sure what
the "new feature" bit would be, other than in conjunction with chroot/jail.

>* show flags when build fails should be doable

The non-trivial part of this is making it show the flags that are relevant
to updating the ports specified in the remaining output.  This will normally
be different to the flags that portmaster was initially invoked with.

>--packages-only|-PP : it looks redundant to me

I used to use this, prior to pkgng, to let me build/upgrade packages on one
system and then install/upgrade them on a second (much slower) system.  I
believe all this functionality is now subsumed into pkgng.

>I'm also considering to remove, if nobody is using them:
>* +IGNOREME support (a file saved in /var/db/pkg/<package-name> to force ignore)

This is a bit of a wart following the pkg_* to pkgng migration but I currently
use this for two purposes:
1) On a slow system, it's a convenient way to postpone updating a large port
without having to individually say yes/no to each port with -i.  Having portmaster
obey "locked" packages would remove this use but currently portmaster ignores
"locked" flags and blows up.
2) I have some work-in-progress "ports" that are in my home directory, rather
than under /usr/ports.  Again, creating something like /usr/ports/local as a
new SUBDIR would probably be a better approach.

Peter Jeremy
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