Do I need /var/db/portsnap/distfiles and /usr/port/distfiles?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Thu Feb 16 23:22:56 UTC 2017

On Thu, 16 Feb 2017, RW via freebsd-ports wrote:

> > aneurin# du -sk /usr/ports/distfiles /var/db/portsnap/files 
> > 965198	/usr/ports/distfiles
> This is a cache, so you can delete it, or trim it with distclean 
> (installed with portupgrade), or portmaster.

Thanks; nearly 1GB here I come...

> > 106594	/var/db/portsnap/files
> If you don't use portsnap then you can delete everything under 
> /var/db/portsnap. Don't delete these files if you do.

Yes, I do use portsnap, so thanks for the advice.

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