The future of portmaster

Daryl Richards daryl at
Thu Feb 16 21:21:06 UTC 2017

>> While I understand the interest in chroot/jails as an optional
>> feature, I hope it doesn't become required.  The current non-use
>> of chroot/jails is, for me, a feature -- not a bug.    -- George
> Having built and packaged linux from scratch using the rpm package 
> manager, I came to find that if one is building packages to be used on 
> multiple machines, one needs to build each package in a chroot 
> environment or the package could inherit things from the parent not 
> found in the target machine.  Here by making the package unusable.

For those of use who have a half-dozen machines, all with differing 
options, having a central build machine doesn't make a lot of sense. 
Have a tool like portmaster, for ease of local building and upgrading of 
ports, is very useful.

Just my 2c worth. I'm glad to see people believing there is still a 
place for a tool like this.

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