Question on upgrading ports after 9.3->10.3

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Feb 16 18:43:01 UTC 2017

On Sun, 12 Feb 2017, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> Me again :-)  I finally got around to following the notes that David
> Wolfskill kindly provided (thanks!) and apart from some oddity about
> "httpd" requiring a missing "" (which will get rebuilt
> anyway), I'm a bit wary of this:
> 7. Back up any files in /usr/local that you wish to save [...]
> 8. Manually check /usr/local [...] to make sure that they are really
>   empty.
> Errm, why?  Is it going to clean out /usr/local from under my feet?  If
> so, then that's a bit rude...  Because of disk space limitations, I've got
> /usr/ports -> /usr/local/ports (/usr/local is a separate file system).
> And then there's all my private stuff...  I think it means "save any local
> configuration files etc"; if so, it could be better phrased.

Presumably, the idea is to start from a blank slate.  No, portmaster 
does not delete those directories.

> PS: For those who also have a Mac, do *not* futz around with symlinks in
> this manner, as it confuses the hell out of macports...

It can be a problem on FreeBSD also.

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