The future of portmaster

Luca Pizzamiglio luca.pizzamiglio at
Thu Feb 16 11:09:14 UTC 2017

Hi all,

portmaster, a tool used/loved/hated, is almost in abandoned state.
I'm a portmaster user, because, in some cases, it fits my needs.
In other cases, I use other tools, like poudriere or synth, that are
really great.
I don't want to open a discussion here about what it's better, but the
truth is, that I use portmaster and it's not maintained.
So I decided to spend some time to look at it and to work on it.

I forked it and I start some work.
The plan is:
- remove obsolete features, like the -PP option
- remove pkg_* support (even if someone could be against it), forcing
the usage of pkg
- prepare the support of new features like FLAVORS and subpackages
- adding a new ports, called portmaster-devel, for the new version

I did a branch on github working of the first two points

I'm looking for constructive critics, feedbacks, anything that can
help me to make portmaster an actively maintained and used tool.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

PS: I won't start a port/pkg tool war, my opinion is that the world is
big enough to have poudriere, synth, portmaster, portupgrade and
whatever tool you will write to handle/build any ports package in the
way that you prefer.

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