Install of pkg fuse-ntfs fails because of undefined symbol in pkg!?!

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sun Feb 12 14:47:24 UTC 2017

Grzegorz Junka wrote:
> On Linux companies contribute drivers and dedicated applications and 
> it's a win-win situation. More drivers mean people can more easily 
> re-use their hardware that they bought for Windows, and more happy 
> users means companies are contributing more drivers.
> Maybe the fate was set on Linux because FreeBSD was considered as a 
> server operating system rather than a Windows replacement, which Linux 
> was always trying to be? And good UI/desktop always provides a better 
> user experience than a command line and terminal.
> And why would people want to switch between FreeBSD on the server and 
> Linux/Windows on their desktop if they can just go Linux/Windows all 
> the way through? I believe it's only by providing a good desktop 
> experience that FreeBSD can survive.

On that we will always be completely opposed in rational... However, I 
knwo where you're coming from but consider this:

Linux has a core team that pretty much work on the kernel and modules 
and have sweet FA to do with the OS/distro.  This is why kernels move 
separately from the distros, unlike FreeBSD.  FreeBSD is a distro so is 
there any wonder why stuff doesn't get fixed and other stuff does but 
only on new versions, and why changing anything in the distro results in 
new versions of everything...

There are cases where this was pretty much a requirement, but only for 
the technical to really know...  Eg when threading support started.. 
when symbol versioning started, in both cases the whole OS had to move 
along with the Kernel... I get that... but what about 7, to 8, to 9, to 
10, to 11, to 12?  pkgng being forced on everyone at 9 to 10 ?  pkgng 
attempting to replace freebsd-update between 10 and 11?  That'd be 
pretty much like RedHat going from 5, to 6, to 7 by going from rpm, to 
rpm+yum, to apt-get+deb... as if that would work!

Perhaps the answer is to separate (as much as possible) the kernel and 
base OS libraries from everything else... Do we really need gcc/clang 
built into the base OS?  Do we need some of the obvious...? (openssl, 
ntp, ssh, inetd, telnet, ftp etc etc etc? - sure some tools need to be 
on the installation media, but really are they needed in the base OS?)

FreeBSD doesn't install a desktop by default, why not separate a Desktop 
team out as Grzegorz seems to think it's of vital importance and would 
come back to competitivness with   linux et al...  make it kernel/distro 
independent ... oh wait it already is!

... ok stopping here, because its turning more into a rant, but I know 
others have seen this point/thought in the same thread... personally I'm 
only interested in the server side of things as I use OSX as my desktop 
which funnily enough is using guess what... a BSD Kernel!.,,

Michelle Sullivan

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