Problem with building libgcrypt

Dave Horsfall dave at
Sun Feb 12 10:05:13 UTC 2017

Rebuilding ports on 10.3 after upgrade from 9.3, on the final portmaster 

    libtool: link: ranlib .libs/libgcrypt.a
    libtool: link: rm -fr .libs/libgcrypt.lax
    sed: /usr/local/lib/ No such file or directory
    libtool: link: `/usr/local/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive
    *** [] Error code 1


    ===> Compilation failed unexpectedly.
    Try to set MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes and rebuild before reporting the failure to the maintainer.
    *** Error code 1


(Followed by a few "Aborting update" messages)

Ummm, that's equivalent to the M$ "solution" of trying a reboot to see if 
it fixes it.

It's asking me to review those errors before it continues; what could be 

Think of me as a beta tester for novices :-)

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will suffer."

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