11.0-RC1 unsupported by ports?

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Sat Feb 11 22:37:18 UTC 2017

Am 25.01.2017 um 11:39 schrieb Mathieu Arnold:
> Buildworld on a raspberry isn't fun - if it works at all.
>> Even if you crossbuild and just copy the binaries, the wear of
>> MicroSD cards isn't something you want to test unless you really
>> have to.
> If you have other computers running FreeBSD, you can build /usr/obj on
> the other box (using make buildworld TARGET_ARCH=foo (you may have to
> check the exact incantation)) copy the /usr/obj, and only run make
> installworld.

And the OP can tweak the INSTALL_CMD options to compare before
overwriting, to reduce the amount of written data, too.

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