Install of pkg fuse-ntfs fails because of undefined symbol in pkg!?!

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sat Feb 11 14:11:07 UTC 2017


> >> But it's the velocity that's the problem, Kurt.  

> >While I very much sympathize with "The world rotates too fast,
> >I want to get off", for me it looks like as a project we do
> >not have alternatives.
> Why not?  What would happen to fBSD that's not already happening?

Maybe if other folks do not share your analysis that the fbsd world
is loosing market/mindshare etc, they come to different conclusions
on what they want from the system.

> Why aren't people asking what's going on and how to turn it
> around?  Could it be because they're too busy being busy?

My impression is they are busy innovating, and that is good
and I thank them for it.

> >Is it defense, if we see many projects (open source etc)
> >shorten their cycle time (e.g. php7), because they see the need to
> >add features or patch security issues (and breaks APIs/ABIs doing either) ?
> It seems more like an excuse than a defence, to me.  Is it
> pushing Linux back?  If not, what *would* push Linux back?

As I asked on the other mail: How do you measure this ?

[Pathologising others] is not very friendly.

> But change is possible, even for adults.

So, we're changing a lot and now we hear you complain about those
changes. Can you try to describe some changes that would help
both groups (those that need innovation and those that need
stability) ?

> But that doesn't mean we're currently doing the right things to
> regain share from Linux and save FreeBSD.

Is this really a us-vrs-them thing ? I don't see it that way.
There is innovation all across the board and to be able to co-innovation,
certain things need to be done. In the base system and in the
ports tree.

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