Install of pkg fuse-ntfs fails because of undefined symbol in pkg!?!

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Fri Feb 10 16:46:18 UTC 2017


> On Thu, 9 Feb 2017 17:26:00 +0100, Kurt Jaeger wrote
> >Getting the ports/pkg tree moving with the velocity necessary
> >to cope with the fast-changing world, sometimes things break
> >and we all try to prevent this. Sometimes, mistakes happen...
> But it's the velocity that's the problem, Kurt.  

While I very much sympathize with "The world rotates too fast,
I want to get off", for me it looks like as a project we do
not have alternatives.

> Do you know of anyone who has successfully defended, or even
> tried to defend, the current manic pace of revision and
> obsoleting?

Is it defense, if we see many projects (open source etc)
shorten their cycle time (e.g. php7), because they see the need to
add features or patch security issues (and breaks APIs/ABIs doing either) ?

And if we try to keep up and for this, if we add features to the
ports framework ? I'm doing this (application mgmt on unix systems)
for a long time now, a quarter of a century, and I see no viable
alternative in the problem space we work in.

I also see that this very fast speed uses up huge amounts of
person power and compute resources (all those folks rebuilding
many ports in their build hosts). But it's not easy to stop off
this planet 8-}

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