No reaction - what can I do?

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Mon Feb 6 20:43:37 UTC 2017


> li> [...]
> li> >  I am aware of this PR but I am still not sure of the cause since I
> li> >  could not reproduce it.

> li> In this case, please write a note into the PR that you can
> li> not reproduce it. It helps the submitter to understand the situation.

>  Okay, I will do it more actively.  Honestly I was leaning to working
>  on upgrading TeXLive-related ports to the latest version instead of
>  fixing issues which I could not reproduce but it has taken a longer
>  time than I expected...

I found, in the past, that if I can not reproduce something,
if I then just add a "can not reproduce, please add more details" to
a PR, that helps to get it closer to a solution -- because
the reporter will try to add details and might find a solution

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