No reaction - what can I do?

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Mon Feb 6 11:02:09 UTC 2017

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jh> Hi, Reference:
jh> > From:		Jochen Neumeister <joneum at>
jh> > Date:		Mon, 6 Feb 2017 09:27:52 +0100
jh> Jochen Neumeister wrote:
jh> > Hello everybody,
jh> >
jh> > I have opened the PR 214665 on 19.11.2016. No reaction of the maintainer
jh> > until today. He also does not react to e-mails. What else can I do?
jh> >
jh> > Is it normal that maintainers / committer will not respond?
jh> >
jh> > Best regards
jh> > Jochen
jh>   "The time limit for a maintainer to respond to a PR is two weeks.
jh>   After that period, ....."
jh>   "A maintainer who does not respond to any port issues for 3 months
jh>   may be reset by any ports committer." ... 13 days from now.
jh> I added CC portmgr at
jh> I added CC hrs at in case of some mail filter blockage.

 I am aware of this PR but I am still not sure of the cause since I
 could not reproduce it.  Does defining USE_LOCALE fix it on your
 environment as Kurt described in the PR?

-- Hiroki
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